Wedding Garden for Late Fall

by Betty Rowland
(Hazlehurst, GA / USA)

I have a small garden in the middle of my yard that has been planted with a rose in the center, then lantana's in a circle around it. Gerbera daisies in assorted colors follows the lantana.

Between the daisies are Mexican heather with a small space at one end with the leftover heather.

I plan to put small patches of other flowers around the rest of the garden to fill it in. I'm trying to do this with flowers that might bloom until frost, because my granddaughter is getting married Oct. 10 and I'd like at least part of the garden to be blooming. This space is in full sun for most of the day, with shade only in the late afternoon. Any suggestions will be helpful and appreciated. The soil is mostly potting soil as there was a dip in the yard that we filled.

Doug says that given you're in Georgia and that frost isn't an issue, let me suggest you focus on annuals and chyrsanthemums. Plants such as Verbena are going to givey you scads of flowers all summer well into fall and they're going to take your summer heat. Mums are going to give you magnificent fall blooms and they come in a wide variety of colors to match your bride's colors.

As a fall back position, you can always fill in blank spaces with pansies.

Most of the fall flowering perennials will be finished off by October (at least they are up here) so the mums work the best. And then fill in with annuals.

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