storing perennial roots/bulbs(I'm moving)

I live in upstate NY. I have many flowering perennial flowers/small plants. I am moving in early summer and want to take the roots/bulbs with me.

How do I store them until I can plant them? It may be as long as 4-6 weeks that they need to be stored. I'd like to dig up the roots/bulbs after they flower(then I will know where/what to dig up!)

I was thinking that if I get long flower boxes with drainage holes and put potting soil in them and keep the dirt moist that the roots/bulbs may survive.

I'd really appreciate your feedback. I've lived in my home for 17 years and have worked hard to maintain these plants.


Doug says that perennials should be potted up right now - first thing in the spring before they start growing. Grow them in pots until you move and then transplant them. Do NOT put into window boxes and then disturb the roots again when you replant them. In a pot, the roots will fill the pot and won't suffer too much of a setback if/when you transplant carefully.

Bulbs - this isn't a bulb site but I always recommend folks don't bother trying to save regular bulbs and move them. The reason? Frankly, I've moved quite a bit in the last few years and you have more important things to do and move than to try to save a hundred dollars worth of bulbs. It's a TON of work to dig bulbs, repot (like perennials) and then succesfully move them. Far better to remove the stress and simply allocate enough money in the fall to buy what you need again. And you can get a massive whack of brand new varieties for a surprisingly little investment. (and then they're fresh and strong straight from the nursery)

The only plants I now move are those I can't replace or those that have a special significance for me.

But if you must, and you have the time/energy - pot 'em up and grow them in pots.

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