Plant Propagation

This is the main page for perennial plant propagation – getting new plants from old ones. This page is intended for the home gardener and is not going to focus on such topics as tissue culture. By following all the tips and techniques on these pages, you will be able to populate your own garden for far less cost (always assuming you have helpful neighbours or your own plants).

Vdeo: Tag Making

making plant tags A short video showing you how I make my own free plant tags

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Taking Cuttings

taking plant cuttings How to take and root up cuttings of perennial flowers to give you a frugal garden.

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sowing seeds A simple system to increase your seed sowing success.

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Root Cuttings

root cuttings This is the easy method to propagate some tough-to-grow plants that resist seeds or cuttings.

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layering perennials It sounds esoteric but it might be the easiest way to propagate many long-stemmed perennials.

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dividing perennials It's a bit of work but the only way to get more hybrids that come true to their parents

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Peony Seed Harvesting  When is the best time to collect seeds from a peony plant?
What is the best method?

Doug says that fall or late summer is the best time. You'll see ...

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saving Hibiscus seeds  How can i save seeds from my hibiscus to plant.

Doug says that when the flower buds have faded, you're going to see the large seed pods right behind ...

dividing iris plants  How should I divide iris plants and prepare them for giving to fellow gardeners?

Doug says - about 6 weeks after they bloom or in very early spring....

To move or not to move perennials  I want to settle a constant dispute my husband & I always have about gardening. We have many flowering garden beds and once the parennial goes in its spot ...

SELF SEEDING PLANTS  Will cleaning up the perennial area in the fall limit the self seeding process of the perennials that drop seed which blooms in spring?

Doug says ...

Propagation of Spartina  How do I propagate Spartina grass?

The easiest way is to direct sow it between April and June in your area. Or you can divide and move in when the ...