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by Hillary
(Salt Lake City)

I have purchased your book - but I am looking now for more of your advice strictly on design, with pictures and diagrams. ( pointing out names of plants used) I am a visual learner. I am looking for more indepth and specifics on the first chapters and about the color wheel, with garden pics showing the 2, 3, 4, chords, and contrast.

Do you have an e-book you can point me to or other suggestions.

This is my second year gardening ( we started putting in our yard last summer) and I first was going for a cottage look, but the more I learn, the more I am interested in getting the effect of contrast in some of my beds too.

I am drawn to the cooler shades, but know that from distance focals, they do not come across like the hot colors.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Doug says, "Wow!" :-) First I'm glad you found the book useful and want even more. That means you're "hooked" on gardening. Welcome to the club.

What you're asking for is more advanced material on design and frankly, some of this is learned from experience - looking at different plants and colours along with the color combinations and the effect that has.

Some of this is learned from color theory books - (found in art libraries). Some of this is found in architeture and design sections of the library.

I have not written a book on advanced color theory (my ex was an artist and we lived this in our gardens) but it's a good idea. One I've put on my to-do list.

I'll also ask folks in the new gardening seminar courses" if they're interested in this once we get that system established.

If you like cottage gardening, there is nothing saying you can't increaase the contrasts within that system of planting. It's all about plant choice and planting schemes.

Let me suggest you hunt up the classic gardening book on cottage garden design by Gertrude Jekyll (library should have it). She writes extensively about color in this - she also has a color book written as well. That will get you going and keep you occupied for a very long time. :-)

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