Is a Hosta a good houseplant

by Barbie Albertson

Do they make a good houseplant? How large might they grow? Depends on the variety?
I just planted a Hosta in a fairly big [but not huge container a few days ago. It started with 2 leaves and now has four leaves. It,s also greening up nicely and gained some height.
I must be doing something right.

This is my first endeaver of growing Hosta plant inside my home.

I do raise a variety of plants. I am a garden geek.:)
Feedback please.


Doug says. Hosta really don't make much of a houseplant. They require a dormancy period to rest - so in the fall with lower light levels, they want to go dormant.

If you keep them green and growing by watering and feeding, they'll simply fade away. You will have to hold back the water in late September/October to force them to dormancy and then run them cool and semi-dry for 3 months give or take a few weeks.

The cool temps (the low 40F) are going to be necessary to stop it from leaping back into growth and without those - the plant will grow itself to death with no rest.

Your challenge here is to keep it cool enough and dry enough to stay dormant. But - not dry enough to kill the root. And when you add water in a warm temperature- the plant is going to want to grow again.

Yes - you can get fast easy growth at the beginning - your challenge will be to maintain it after one growing season. And plant size does indeed depend on variety.

Light levels "may" be a problem depending on how much light you give it. Remember these are outdoor shade plants and not indoor shade plants. I'm guessing that you're going to see a lot of stretching if you don't give it enough light (as in a bright window). As soon as you see the second flush of leaves and stems you'll know if there is elongation that your light levels are too low.

Bottom line - this could be a good one-season houseplant. Then put it outside to grow if you live in northern climates where it will get a good dormancy. In Arizona - if you have warm winters - ;-) - I have my doubts you'll have enough cold temps to keep it dormant and it will simply grow itself to death no matter what you do.

(As an aside, you could probably unpot it- clean off the roots and store in a refrigerator for several months - then repot and start again)

My advice is grow this Hosta and give it the best "Hosta care" :-) you can but don't count on it as a long-term houseplant.

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Is a Hosta a good houseplant

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Feedback to a gardener friend
by: Barbie A

Thanks for your comments,sage advice and feedback.
I appreciate it. :)
Have a great day,Flowerbud.
P.S. I spent a few years of my childhood in PA
and I loved it.

Host as houseplant
by: Flowerbud

I annually use hostas as potted plants on my deck and covered porch. The ones on the covered porch have to be set out in the rain and sun periodically to keep them looking nice. I would recommend doing this if you use it as a houseplant. At the end of the season (first frost here in PA)I set the pot in a flowerbed up under a cedar tree and throw a pile of leaves on it(along with dozens of other pots to overwinter this way). It freezes and overwinters outside well, and in Spring, I clean off the top dead leaves and wipe up the pot and set it in the sun and start all over again. For a houseplant, if you keep it in a large "outdoor pot" you can let it be dormant outside in a well sheltered area like this, and bring it in again in spring...use it as a summer only houseplant.

by: Barbie

Got to tell you about our temps here in Arizona.
I live high up on a mountain,at a elevation of 5,425 feet.
The coldest winter weather we get,at the lowest temps at night are sometimes close to zero.
The average temps in the winter at night is average of 18 degrees at night.
Daytime temps might be 20+ degrees f to about 40+ degrees f.
At higher elevations here in Arizona it gets mighty chilly at night.
Some people presume that all of Arizona is hot all year,but that is a misconception people sometimes have.
Well in any case this is a feedback to you about the hosta plant I,m caring for.
You thought it don,t get very cold here,but it does here in the higher elevations.
We also have some big winds here that really bat the plants around even in the summer. I will keep you posted as to how my hosta behaves.
Here,s to the love of gardening my friend.
Have a great day.!

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