How to plant around bulbs for year round bloom

by Cari

I am completely new to gardening- planted tulips & daffodils and they are now in bloom. I want to plant other perennials so I have a year round garden. Do I need to cut down the tulips first? How do I physically plant other perennials for spring, summer & fall without crowding the garden?

Doug says - if you want the tulips to grow properly, then you need to let the leaves turn yellow on their own before you cut them back. Lots of info on bulbs over at

As for spacing and planting, much of that info is on the label of the plants you're going to grow. So you simply put the perennials the required spacing apart (in this case - between the bulbs) I note in my own garden that I do this in reverse. I plant my shrubs and evergreens, then my perennials and finally my bulbs between everything else

As for creating blooms all summer, you have several resources. The first are the design pages here. Complete with free ebook on great plants to grow.

And the second and most complete is the ebook on perennial gardening. that gives you all the beginner info in one spot including designing for all-season bloom.

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