How To Grow Bunny Grass

by Doug
(In His Garden)

I have something called Bunny Grass. This is the first year of last years fall planting. How big will it get and does it transplant well if I need to move it?


Doug says

This grass is named Penisetum alopecuroides or "Little Fountain Grass" or "Bunny Grass".

It is hardy to zone 5 and is treated like a regular garden grass plant.

You can transplant in early spring (divides very easily) or late fall although early spring is far better.

Don't hide it at the back

Big? Nope, this is a dwarf plant and you're looking at somewhere around ten to twelve inches tall and eight to ten inches wide. Don't put this one at the back of the garden if you ever want to see it again. :-)

If you are growing it in zone 5 or colder, you may want to mulch it to protect against severe weather. Ice forming on the crown can be a bit of a killer.

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