hibiscus in the pond?

by Jeff

Can all perennial hibiscus be grown in marsh or underwater in my pond? We have a red one "sultry kiss" I would like to try in the low end of the pond. We already successfully grow pink mallow there.

Doug says: I have grown Hibiscus in bog conditions where it is fairly wet all the time. I have never tried to grow it "underwater" - never thought of it frankly. It does nicely in boggy situations though. If you do grow it underwater, let us know. :-)

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hibiscus in the pond?

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Hibiscus in Water
by: Dee

I had a hardy hibiscus in my pond for about three years. Only about three inches of the container was above the water line. It grew very well for about three years and stayed in the pond year round, but all of a sudden died after a rough winter.

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