All You Need To Know About Wood Chippers

All You Need To Know About Wood Chippers

A chipper is a massive power tool that should not be handled when intoxicated, one that should be used outside to reduce the amount of useless wood you have. Many modern shredders might give you an option to choose which size of the pieces you need shredded. Check out this link to get a clear picture about modern shredders.

Wood goes into the chute, the blades inside the chipper break the organic material down into pieces that range between the sizes of 2-3 inches in length. The chips are then thrown out by the machine. A wood chipper usually would be able to chip up any piece of fresh and dry wood. Even branches can be fed into the chipper; they come out shredded. A significant period of years ago you could just run off into your yard and get rid of the wood you didn’t need by simply burning it in your yard. But now what are you going to do with those fallen branches and waste pieces of wood that you have? Since starting a fire, even controlled burning is illegal. You put the waste wood in a wood chipper that’s what. This tool would be ideal for turning those useless piles of wood into nutrient-rich fertilizer or needed mulch for your flowerbed. It will also allow you to adorn your walkways with chipped uniformed wood that you didn’t even have to pay money for at the garden store.

The types of engines used in these machines are twofold, either gas or electric. The size of the engine largely depends on how much power it needs to break down the wood pieces that are fed into it. Most small chippers use electric motors nowadays, but heavy duty one that can chip entire trees require a gas powered engine, just because that much horsepower is required to chip those enormous pieces of wood. Obviously, electric engines are greener, cleaner and require less maintenance than a gas powered engine, they are more affordable as well, used mainly in smaller jobs, but if you need a lot of power then do opt for gas-powered options. Electric ones will be plugged into an outlet which compromises its mobility.

You cannot just turn the machine on and start shoving wood into it; there are several steps to take before you begin using a chipper. If not you would be putting yourself in harm’s way.  Prepare working area, so that it doesn’t hurt anyone else, designate an entire spot just for this. Check the shredder chamber and the blades for any stones stuck inside or any other materials, then carefully start the machine. Make sure you are flat ground. Always. Keep a safe distance.

Wear contained clothing, don’t leave you sleeves hanging or wear a baggy shirt either. These things could get caught in the mechanism. Keep all articles adorned on you secure. Always wear protective gear.

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