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full sun perennials

Full Sun Plants

In the Heat of the Day

Full sun garden plants need to be able to take the heat, bloom reliably and deliver a summer full of dreams, blooms and delight.

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shade garden

Shade Garden

Cool and Romantic

A garden of cool romantic delight, shaded for privacy and an oasis from the summer's heat and stress

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perennial garden design


You Can Do This

Perennial garden design is both a skill and an art. Here's where you can pick up the skills and get a sense of the art

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gardening newsletter A free weekly gardening newsletter with questions and answers, articles and links to interesting gardening information written with a sense of humor and backed by 30 years of practical gardening experience

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Perennial Blog

perennial gardening blog Doug's perennial gardening blog where he share his pictures, ideas and articles - you can get it via email or through a rss reader.

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perennial propagation


You Can Do This

Learning these simple propagation techniques allows you to have free or almost-free plants for your garden. Sharing plants, getting them from others becomes part of the gardening experience - and it surely helps the budget

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container gardening

Tips and Techniques

Making the Tough Easy

Figuring out the tough stuff or making the tough stuff easy is what this section does -

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ground covers

Ground Covers

Covering the Ground

Covering the ground,one plant at a time, and lists of plants to use and those to avoid

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container gardening

Container Gardening

Growing in Pots

Yes, you can grow darn near any perennial plant in a container with a bit of attention to details

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frugal gardeningperennial herbs

Perennial Herbs

Herbs Need Not Bore

Perennial herbs need not be boring but can be attractive and important contributors to garden beauty as well as health and living

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online gardening courses Garden courses and seminars (free) taught by Doug with the courses decided on by mass voting of subscribers.

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garden ebooks Doug writes ebooks on practical how-to subjects to save you time and effort and teach you exactly what you need to know

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rock garden dianthus

Rock Garden

Small plants - Tough Spaces

Rock gardening means growing the smallest plants from the highest mountains in an average low-level garden :-) Here's how to succeed

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perennial garden design

Perennial Video

Show 'n Tell

Perennial gardening videos from my own garden showing you the things I do to make it work (or less work) :-)

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japanese blood grass

Ornamental Grass

Beauty in Movement

Ornamental grasses may not blow you away with fragrant blooms but the movement, line, grace, form and ease of use adds something to every garden setting

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perennial flowers

Garden Pictures

The Stuff of Dreams

Garden pictures for dreaming and designing your own garden. A place to share and photo contests happen here

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brunner jack frost

Plant Lists

For every location

Plant lists for tough spots, scan them with your phone and take them shopping with you

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Pond Perennials

Plants for Pondside

Perennials for that really damp spot or beside pools and ponds - these plants can take the water

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advanced gardening Premium full courses and information on a wide variety of subjects with guaranteed answers from Doug. Advanced gardening newsletters and other topics.

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Advanced Newsletter

advanced gardening newsletter Advanced gardening newsletter edited by Doug and describing advanced new research and gardening information you can use to make yourself a better gardener one step at a time.

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Full Video Channel

Garden Video All of Doug's garden video to show you things, entertain you and teach you the basics of great gardening. All done by Doug in his usual style of making the complicated very easy to understand.

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Doug's Main Blog

Doug Greens Blog This is Doug's main blog where he shares a wide variety of gardening information and thoughts. His sense of humor is unleashed against the walls of staid old gardening.

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