Gardening is considered as an art or practice of garden cultivation and management that is important in cultivating and growing plants. There are different types of gardens. Usually, when you saw a garden that has ornamental plants like flowers and foliage, it is commonly called as flower garden. There are garden that is used for farming such as fruits, leaf vegetables, root vegetables and herb. Those were planted and grown for human food consumption. There are also gardens that are used in growing dyes, for medicinal and cosmetic purposes but most of the time, gardening is just a relaxing activity for many people.

Garden can range in small scales and large scales. It can have one or many type of shrubs, herbs or trees from fruit orchard to Long Boulevard plantings depending upon the range of the scale. In the other hand, you can grow plants in a small or large containers in residential yards like lawns or foundation plantings. Some type of gardens are specialized, meaning there is only one type of plant growing. Also, it can involve a different mixed plantings for instances like farming and forestry.

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History of Gardening

In ancient times, forest food-production is considered as gardening. As time passed, the environment was improved and the useful trees and vine species were identified.

Around 1500 BC, Egyptians at that time started to build their own gardens for aesthetic purposes. They also use gardens as shades and believed that their gardens was associated by god. The most popular plants those days were sycamores, fir trees, sycamores, nut trees, date palms and willows. Having a garden those times is sign of being wealthy.

During the middles ages, gardens were used to grow medicinal herbs after the fall of Rome. Also, this is used for decorating churches’ altars. Monasteries in Europe have a tradition of garden design that includes infirmary gardens, kitchen gardens, vineyards, cemetery orchards and cloister garths.

In 13th century Europeans started to grow medicinal and vegetable type gardens and in the 15th century they started to plant lawn and started to raise flowerbeds and trellises of roses. During 16th and 17th century gardens were used for classical appearance purposes.

Renaissance gardens were trimmed with sculptures, foliage and fountains. Knot gardens and hedge mazes became popular during this period. New flowers such as tulips, sunflowers and marigold were also planted by Europeans around this time.

The Cottage Garden

This type of garden emerged during the Elizabethan times. This is the main local source of herbs and fruits, but made an unfortunate issue that concerns the garden and called the Black Death of 1340’s. Many laborers were dead but this is just a theory. They made a land for small cottages and personal gardens as their source of food and herbs.

Types of Gardens

The most common type of garden is the residential type. This garden is just located near their house. It can be sighted in small area inside a house, on the roof, balcony, in an atrium, in a window box or in vivarium. There are also non-residential type of garden and these can be found at public places such as parks (botanical, zoological and amusement). Here are some gardening types that are most common nowadays.

  1. Indoor Gardening – This is usually a garden within a building and residence. It can be a conservatory or a greenhouse. This is usually incorporated by growing houseplants.
  2. Native Plant Gardening – As the name implies, this garden is concerned about growing native plants. This type of garden is commonly adapted for low water usage and low maintenance costs while enjoying the art of gardening.
  3. Water Gardening – This is a garden which grows plants in pools and ponds. One example is the bog garden. It will require many considerations and conditions in adapting a water garden.
  4. Container Gardening – Pots, hanging baskets and planters are the common containers used in container gardening. This type of garden can be made indoor and outdoor displays in atriums, patios, balconies and roof tops.
  5. Hugelkultur – This type is a raise bed gardening. You can grow plants using piles of rotten woods to form one. In Germany, this is called as mound garden which is a type of a landscaping gardening.
  6. Community Gardening – This is commonly owned by a local government and in some times by nonprofits. This is considered as a social activity that offers a connection to the community and environment.
  7. Garden Sharing – This is usually owned by two people. They share their gardens into a one form to produce more food.
  8. Organic Gardening – A type a gardening which uses natural methods to grow a plant.

Features and Accessories

Many gardeners practice the use of features and accessories available in the market. Even an amateur of professional gardener use this to enhance their creativity in gardening. They can use decoration such as stone, coppers, woods, bamboos and many other thing that can beautify their garden. They also uses fountain, benches and statues to make it more eye-catching. They’re all doing that because it is said that gardens reflects its owner personality.

Gardening Departments and Centers

Gardening departments and centers are the places where you can usually buy plants, sundries and all garden accessories. Today, these places also offers food halls and power tools as additional in their services. You can also now order online nowadays and they will deliver direct in your house your orders.

Comparison with farming

Gardening in old times is very similar in farming. They create gardens for the purpose of food production. Today, gardening is far similar in farming. Gardening todays is used for attraction and beauty display. It can be a hobby in some times or an income additive while farming is a full time and commercial activity.

Garden as an art

Garden designing is considered as an art but literally means garden maintenance. The most beautiful garden includes designs like perennial, butterfly, and wildlife. By maintaining your garden to its most attractive form can bring you a very relaxing mood. It is better to maintain a beautiful garden because its appearance reflects its owner’s personality.